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This conference will be held to celebrate the 150th birthday of Paul Ehrlich, who made a Nobel Prize Laureate in 1908. He was probably one of the most ingenious and visionary pharmacologists of the last century. The work of Paul Ehrlich led to the first antibiotic ever developed by systematic research. The anti-syphilitic agent called Salvarsan® (Arsphenamine, "compound 606") confronted great challenges to its appropriate dosing, challenges that Ehrlich met with brilliant published fundamental work that still applies. He would certainly have been honored by this conference. We will remember Paul Ehrlich in many ways in our scientific and celebration program. The conference will be under the auspices of the International Society of Chemotherapy and other German and international societies dedicated to the work of Paul Ehrlich.

Dosing the magic bullets - clinicians meet pharmacologists
There is no doubt that dosing of anti-infectives is still a major issue in the use of these agents. Recently the dosing aspect has very much been directed to optimization of antibiotic therapy and resistance issues by applying the new pharmacokinetic (PK)/pharmacodynamic (PD) principles. In previous decades, dosing issues and drug monitoring were more related to predicting adverse events. No conference has yet focused exclusively on dosing by applying the new PK/PD principles that have led to many new insights. This conference gathers the leaders in this field of PK/PD and clinical medicine to exchange views. The PK/PD group will review the concepts and the clinicians will show which principles have been acknowledged and introduced into antimicrobial therapy. Active participation of the attendees in this conference is assured by using modern technology. Use this excellent opportunity of clinicians meeting pharmacologists

Discuss and evaluate dosing guidelines
Use of antiinfectives and dosing guidelines from scientific organizations, hospitals or other groups are cordially invited to participate in the conference. During the whole conference a "Guidelines' Corner" will allow discussion of guidelines from around the globe - WORLD CONFERENCE! Make yourself heard by submitting a poster on your guidelines and participate in the "Ehrlich-Magic-Bullet"-Award (see poster abstract and poster guidelines for details).

Pre-conference workshops
The new principles of PK/PD offer fascinating opportunities to optimize anti-infective therapy. At the conference, participants have two consecutive options to study PK/PD and dosing issues. At the post-graduate workshop from Monday to Wednesday, leading experts in PK/PD from the International Society of Antiinfective Pharmacology will lead teaching courses in this field (see program). Everything will be truly hands-on - with a computer, the right software and true data sets from the 'real world'. There will also be a bioanalytical component with chromatography, mass spectrometry, microdialysis, protein binding and tissue level determination planned. See how the professionals do this. The whole week can truly be a week of Ehrlich excellence. Ehrlich in German also means 'true', 'honest' and 'sincere'.

Conference logo
The logo shows the three major steps to Ehrlich's magic bullets: methylene blue to fight malaria (1891), trypan red against trypanosomes (1904), yellow - the color of 'Compound 606' (Salvarsan), the first antibiotic and truly Ehrlich's MAGIC BULLET (1910) against syphilis.

Poster presentations
We invite poster submissions of new and original data. Interesting case reports and opinion papers that stimulate discussion are also welcomed. Make yourself heard on a controversial issue or present a new laboratory method, new calculation methods or simply something you want to have discussed in a stimulating environment.

Conference language

Communication between participants
In the spirit of Paul Ehrlich, special areas will be assigned for attendees from around the world to meet and exchange ideas. The conference site will also be decorated to honor Paul Ehrlich´s work and achievements. Paul Ehrlich loved colors; as a scientist he used dyes to fight against infectious agents and as an artist he liked to play with colors in his laboratory notebooks or sketches that he prepared wherever he had to explain his ingenious 'colorful' theories. The young artists who created their Ehrlich-inspired artwork will be on hand to discuss their work. Ehrlich's work will also be celebrated in a specially written play which will be performed during the gala evening. This conference is held in the city of the famous artist, Albrecht Dürer, where we will invite young artists to use the Ehrlich colors to decorate and enlighten this unique conference.

The conference venue
Nürnberg is one of Germany's most enchanting cities. In 1424 Nürnberg was designated as the location for the safekeeping of the imperial jewels and the imperial relics. The Free Imperial City was at its zenith and was often called the 'capital of the Middle Ages'. This European metropolis developed into a centre of German humanistic sciences, arts and sculpture. Martin Behaim designed the first globe while Hans Sachs and the poetry of the Meistersingers made the city one of world renown. The wood carver Veit Stoß and the sculptor Adam Kraft created works of art of the highest European level, while Albrecht Dürer, one of the Renaissance's greatest painters, was born in Nürnberg. After a dark episode in the last century, in recent years the city has gained a reputation for its annual international human rights prize. Nürnberg is a flourishing and thoroughly modern city. It is sure to provide the best possible welcome to the scientists and historians from around the world.

Gala evening celebrating Paul Ehrlich
Do not miss this great event to celebrate Paul Ehrlich. Highlights include:
   1. A play celebrating Paul Ehrlich that has been written exclusively for the conference
   2. Listen to the recollections of someone who knew Paul Ehrlich personally
   3. A 'magic gift' for all participants of the scientific conference

Learn more about this great scientist's visionary abilities and lifetime achievements

  1. Attend the first-ever historians' and chemotherapy researchers' conference on Paul Ehrlich.
  2. View previously unseen exhibits of Paul Ehrlich
  3. See artists using Ehrlich's colors; Ehrlich loved to use and play with colors - in the laboratory and elsewhere
  4. Join a great celebration dinner on Friday, September 10, 2004, with the première of a play celebrating Paul Ehrlich that has been written exclusively for this conference
  5. Receive your unique 'Magic Gift', which you can only receive on the gala evening, and has never been given before

- Fritz Sörgel, Nürnberg-Heroldsberg, Germany (Chairman),
- George L Drusano, Albany, NY, USA (Co Chairman),
- Dieter Adam, Munich, Germany (Honorary Secretary),
- Kurt G Naber, Straubing, Germany (Honorary Treasurer),
- Klaus-Friedrich Bodmann, Hildesheim, Germany (Satellite Symposia Coordinator).

E-Mail Address of Conference
mail@ehrlich2004.org (please use this address exclusively)

Address for correspondence and enquiries
Whenever during the preparation of this conference in the months ahead or during the conference you have a special need or need help, please feel free to contact me at any time:

Professor Fritz Sörgel
Institute for Biomedical and
Pharmaceutical Research,
Paul-Ehrlich-Strasse 19,
90562 Nürnberg - Heroldsberg,
Tel: +49 911 518 290
Fax: +49 911 518 2920
E-mail: ibmp@osn.de

Register early to qualify for the following great offers

  1. A "Week of Ehrlich Excellence" including the Main-Conference, PK/PD-General Concepts Workshop (on Tuesday), Pre-Conference-ISAP-Workshop (on Wednesday), the gala evening, accommodation for 6 nights (September 06-11, 2004, hotel category C or D) for 700 EUR.
  2. A "Week of Ehrlich Excellence" with registration after June 01, 2004, fee will be 900 EUR.
  3. For registration before June 01, 2004, the fee will be 150 EUR for the conference (Thursday 01:30 PM - Saturday 04:00 PM).
  4. For registration after June 01, 2004, the fee will be 200 EUR for the conference (Thursday 01:30 PM - Saturday 04:00 PM).
  5. 100 EUR for each pre-conference workshop (per day) for registrations before June 01, 2004.
  6. 150 EUR for each pre-conference workshop (per day) for registrations after June 01, 2004.
  7. Special fees for students, residents and trainee physicians or colleagues from eastern Europe.
  8. Special fees for colleagues from the developing world on request.

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