Special offer for pre-diploma / pre-graduate

We would like to offer students to attend the "World Conference on Dosing of Antiinfectives"

Participation in the following scientific events is free of charge (0 EUR) for students:

- All Pre-Conference Workshops
- Main Conference
- All Ehrlich-Symposia
- All Sponsor-Symposia
- Ehrlich Exhibition
- All other scientific events at the conference
- Opening Ceremony in the Congress Center Nürnberg on Thursday, September 9th, 2004.


Special offers for students from all fields of research
(besides pharmacology and medicine for sure also chemistry, physics, biochemistry, computer sciences, and many others):

- Pre-Conference Workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 7-8th, 2004

- Those workshops stand for an IDEAL INTRODUCTION at a very basic level to pharmacology,   pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, drug development and related issues.


- We are sure that the Tuesday and Wednesday Workshops will be a brilliant chance to meet and ask   almost all of the leading scientists in the field of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of   antiinfectives at a single place.

- "Meet the Tutor Professors" during the Main Conference: All through the whole main conference (from   Thursday through Saturday) at least three Professors will be tutorial guides (in native English and native   German) to discuss the presentations of oral talks at the main conference and posters at the conference   with the course participants.

- On Thursday and Friday we will organize three meetings daily, and one on Saturday for discussions with   your Tutor Professors about the talks and posters presented at the main conference.

- They will sum up the main points and guide through the most important parts of the conference. Since   the tutor professors are all senior experts in these fields, you will get sound introductions and "State-of-   the-Art" résumés on the topics presented at the main conference. Additionally, they may clarify all issues   of interest for you about the data presented, the background and the fields around it.

- You may come up with your own questions and problems, irrespective if they are occurring daily or if they   are truly exotic. If those experts can't answer your question, we are sure that probably no one else   can.


Further Information with regard to the scientific program and special introductory courses can be found under the Young Investigators Program and the corresponding Young Investigators Program at a glance.



To participate in the great Paul Ehrlich Gala-Evening we would like to offer students the following:

- Theatre and show only, without food or drinks 25 EUR
- Theatre and show with food from buffet, but no drinks 40 EUR
- Theatre and show with food from buffet and non-alcoholic drinks 50 EUR
- (Regular price for conference attendees 60 EUR)

In order to accept our offer you will have to fill in a Young Investigators Registration Form and send it to us via fax or mail until August 15th, 2004. Please indicate on this registration form that you are registering as a student and that therefore the fees for the above listed scientific events are waived for you.

Please find our contact data under the following link:


Requirements for this SPECIAL STUDENT OFFER

- Registering with the Young Investigators Form INDICATING A STUDENT PARTICIPATION until   August 15th, 2004 (see above)
- You will have to fax or mail us a copy of you valid student ID card. Additionally we need a copy of your ID   card or passport with a photo of you to identify you as a student, in case your student ID card is without a   photo.
- Participant is 26 years of age or younger

- This offer applies only for pre-diploma / pre-graduate students (and not for doctorate students, and
  post-graduate students)