Letter of invitation: Download form

Our procedure for sending you a personalized letter of invitation is as follows. Please let us know, if you prefer another procedure. This would be an alternative, if you just need an official invitation letter for internal purposes and not for authorities.

May we kindly ask you to fill in our "letter of invitation information sheet" which you can download under: http://www.ehrlich2004.org/letter_of_invitation.htm . Preferably, you may either edit the Word document and mail it back to mail@ehrlich2004.org (please specify under subject: "Letter of invitation request") or you may print the pdf-file and write the information by type writer or by hand (easily legible) and fax it back to us (fax: +49 911 518 2920). This is step 1 of the letter of invitation procedure. Since we can cover shipment costs to your country only once, please reassure that all data are correct and complete before you send your personalized data.

In step 2, we will personalize your letter of invitation with the information you specified. We will send your letter of invitation to you via one of your proposed courier services.

You will receive two originals per registered participant. One original is for you, the other one is for the German embassy in your country. We would kindly ask you to forward the second original to the German embassy in your country. We will also send you an additional letter (written in German) for the German embassy in your country which we also would ask you to forward to the embassy.

We hope that you will most conveniently get a visa with those documents. In case of any problems, you and the members of the German embassy may contact us at any time under the contact data provided in the letter of invitation.