Hotel rate categories:  


Due to the large request for hotel reservations we need one more week to confirm your room by e-Mail. Any reservation that was made by August 10th, 2004 will be confirmed by August 19th if payment was reliably made. Any imprecise statement leads to delays in confirmation or even cancellation and we apologize if we have to be strict. The number of participants is too high to allow uncertainties.



Please visit the Nurnberg hotel reservation homepage and make reservations there. There are enough hotel rooms available for the time of the conference.

Nürnberg hotel reservation page in Englisch
Nürnberg hotel reservation page in German



Congress registration fees

1. Main Conference:
Thursday 01:30 PM to Saturday 04:00 PM
Fee includes Main Conference, Pre-Conference-ISAP-workshop, Historians' Conference
FEE:      150 € until June 1st, 2004,      200 € after June 1st, 2004

2. "Week of Ehrlich excellence" (Monday to Saturday):
Arrival on Monday, September 06, 2004
6 nights from Monday to Saturday, hotel categories C and D
Fee includes Main Conference, Pre-Conference-ISAP-workshop, PK/PD-General Concepts Workshop, Laboratory workshop, 6 nights in a hotel category C or D
FEE:      700 € until June 1st, 2004,      900 € after June 1st, 2004
3. Historians' conference dinner on Saturday, September 11, 07:30 PM
FEE:      35 € until June 1st, 2004,      40 € after June 1st, 2004
4. Laboratory Workshop in Bioanalysis and Microdialysis on Monday, September 06, 2004
09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
FEE: 75 € until June 1st, 2004, 100 € after June 1st, 2004
5. PK/PD - General Concepts Workshop on Tuesday, September 07, 2004, 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
FEE:      100 € until June 1st, 2004,      150 € after June 1st, 2004
6. Pre-Conference-ISAP-Workshop on Antiinfectives and social program on Wednesday Sept. 08, 2004
Dinner and music:
Sport event (active):
Workshop, dinner, sports:
100 € until June 1st, 2004,
30 € until June 1st, 2004,
25 € until June 1st, 2004,
150 € until June 1st, 2004,
150 € after June 1st, 2004
35 € after June 1st, 2004
25 € after June 1st, 2004
200 € after June 1st, 2004
7. Social program on Thursday September 09, 2004
Gala evening (includes dinner, theatre play and musical show):
Gala evening (theatre and show only, no food, no drinks):
Opening Ceremony (Thursday, 6:15 PM) with ticket only:
Beautiful Nürnberg area (Franconia, includes Bamberg and
Rothenburg) and lunch:
Historic Nürnberg (includes all relevant historic sites) and luncheon:
60 €
30 €
free of charge
50 €
25 €
8. Participants with limited financial support
Students with written certification by head of department may get a price reduction
Participants from Eastern Europe and Third World Countries may also get a price reduction
Please contact Professor Sörgel via e-mail ( or fax: +49 911 518 2920
Reservation of hotel rooms
Reservation will be made by August 15th, 2004, the latest. Thereafter requests will still be possible, however a late handling fee of € 30 will be charged and provision of accommodation cannot be ensured. Only full payment by bank transfer or cheque will be accepted. Transfer by credit card is also possible. For this a handling charge of 6% will be applied.

Please note that to arrange your hotel booking a deposit of € 200 needs to be made and reservations without payment cannot be considered. You may include in your accommodation request either a cheque payable to the conference or a copy of your bank transfer. Hotel requests will be handled in chronological order of their reception by the conference organizers.


Changes or cancellation of reservations
To change or cancel your reservation you need to write to the conference. Please refrain from addressing the hotel directly.

For changes of reservations a handling fee of € 30 will be charged. If you cancel your booking before July 1st, 2004, refund of the deposit will be given apart from a € 50 arrangement fee. However if your reservation is cancelled after July 1st, 2004, no refunds may be claimed and the total accommodation price has to be paid. The latter applies also if you arrive later or leave earlier than stated on your reservation form.

General Information (in alphabetical order)

All prices stated on the congress documents are in Euro (€). Shops, hotels and restaurants usually accept all major credit cards.

An industrial exhibition will be organized during the congress.

Final Program
All congress documents including the final program will be given out to the attendees at registration.

For personal injuries, loss or damage of participants' (or their accompanying persons') property, during or as a result of the congress, the organizers of the congress cannot be held liable. Therefore please make sure your personal insurance is valid.

The congress will be held in English. Simultaneous translations cannot be provided.

Invitation Letter
To help participants raise travel funds or obtain a visa, if needed, a letter of invitation may be obtained from the congress organizers. Potential participants are invited to request such a letter from the Administrative Secretariat ( On the part of the congress financial support cannot be provided.
However students with written certification by their head of department and participants from Eastern Europe and Third World Countries may get a price reduction from the registration fee. Please contact Professor Sörgel via e-mail ( or fax: +49 911518 2920

For coverage of the WCDA accredited journalists are welcome. Please write to Professor Sörgel by e-mail ( for accreditation.

Social and Cultural Events
Opening Ceremony
On Thursday, September 9th, 2004, an opening ceremony will take place at 06:00 PM in the Congress Center Nürnberg (CCN - West / Mitte). The congress organizers invite all attendees, accompanying persons and exhibitors to take part in this ceremony which will include artists' presentations.

Travel to and in Nürnberg
Nürnberg can be easily reached by car, train ( or airplane. Nürnberg has an international airport.
You may use Munich airport for very cheap flights (€ 20 from many European cities when you book early and use special airlines) and travel to Nürnberg by car or train.

Visa Requirements
Please contact a German consulate or a travel agency in your home country concerning visa requirements. For European countries a valid passport is required.