Ehrlich's 150th Birthday Celebration Party including Gala - Dinner on Friday, September 10th, at 7 PM

All tickets with dinner are sold out!

All tickets with dinner are sold out. You may ask at the registration desk for cancellations. They are very unlikely though. We are trying to provide additional seats ( theatre like seating with no table ) so that we can manage the large request for participation. Please ask at the registration desk for those tickets.

A great event will take on Friday , September 10th at 7 PM, which will include two Premieres:

"I wished I lived today"
Theatre play written exclusively for the "World and Ehrlich Conference 2004"

It is based on the two books of Ehrlich's secretary and other documents. You will learn a lot about an ingenious scientist, marvelous character, warm and caring father and husband and an occasionally
tough fighter for the truth in science.

"It's a Kind of Magic" - Magic Bullets
This musical has been exclusively written for the "Ehrlich 150th Birthday Celebration Party" and uses the wonderful music of Britain's pop - group QUEEN.

It is based on the fairy tale by the German Grimm Brothers called "Ghost in the bottle" that has been presented at the Nobel - Prize Dinner in Stockholm for Alexander Fleming in 1945. It is also based in an important scene in Germany's first romantic opera " Der Freischütz" ( "The marksman"; Composer: Carl Maria von Weber) where "Magic Bullets" were made in the "Wolfsschlucht" ( Wolf's glen ). But we don't say more at this time except maybe that each participant will receive a gift directly from Ehrlich´s laboratory of 1915, never given before and probably never given after. So each scientific conference will leave Nurnberg with his or her own "Magic Bullet".



Gala evening offer including theatre and show with food and non-alcoholic drinks: 60 EUR
Gala evening offer including theatre and show only (no food, no drinks): 30 EUR