Paul Ehrlich Exhibition

There has been no major exhibition on Paul Ehrlich in the last three decades. At WCDA that is held to commemorate Ehrlich´s great achievements, there will also be an exhibition about Paul Ehrlich including very new material that has never been exhibited anywhere. This exhibition will allow conference participants to wonder through Ehrlich´s world. The exhibition is supported by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (Langen/Frankfurt am Main, Germany), Georg-Speyer-Haus (Frankfurt am Main, Germany; this is the institute where Ehrlich developed Salvarsan®) and the Rockefeller Archive (Sleepy Hollow, NY, USA) where most of Ehrlich´s memorabilia are archived.

This exhibition will show:

  • Original material from Ehrlich´s laboratory
  • The most complete collection of Ehrlich´s publications at one site
  • Pictures and information on Ehrlich´s youth and his family
  • Tape of a report of "somebody" who worked in Ehrlich´s laboratory
  • Young artists playing with Ehrlich´s colors
    Ehrlich himself loved to work with colours: in the laboratory and elsewhere
  • Artists views of Ehrlich´s famous sketches of the immune system and the side chain theory.
  • Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullets (Movie of approximately 75 minutes length)

Art using Ehrlich's dye's

In Ehrlich's world colors and dyes played a major role. Early on - when he was still a 20 year old medical student, he played with dyes in the hematology and histology course. He studied long hours and became almost a character with his student colleagues and his professors. Colors were also used by him for labeling and highlighting text and important facts. All through his life he would never leave his office without color pens to tell others through color highlighting "what is important".

At the conference site we will exhibit plays with colors in many ways made by young students. A real color-lake will be installed where conference participants can do their own little dye experiments using Ehrlich's principles. You are going to be surprised how much Ehrlich is around you.